A loud storm reminds me of the importance of protecting outdoor Heating gear

We had quite the severe storm rolling through our section recently, so I took it upon myself to go out & check the outdoor components of my heating & air conditioner, luckily, no detriment was done to the housing of the condenser device or any other part of the Heating & A/C device outsideā€¦ However, there was a whole bunch of yard debris in the section of the Heating & A/C device that needed to be cleared out, but also, upon further inspection, I realized that some debris had gotten inside the condenser unit! I decided to call out an Heating & A/C professional to have the inside of the condenser device cleared of all debris & cleaned thoroughly, when he came out, he also advised me that particular bushes & shrubs & even a nearby overhanging tree absolutely needed to be pruned to prevent the chance of branches or leaves or sticks clogging up or causing detriment to the outdoor components of the Heating & A/C system, then in fact, he admonished me that I was fortunate that the severe storm that had blown through had not caused any harm to my Heating & A/C system. He also showed me how to detach the grill from the outdoor condenser device so that I can clean it out myself in the future. He told me that I needed to shut off the Heating & A/C device first before opening up the condenser unit, because I particularly would not want those fan blades going when I’m trying to clean! It may seem like an obvious tip, but I appreciated it, because I can be absent-minded!