After the hoops game, I went to the ER

Sometimes my friends and I played hoops at the court downtown where there are not very several people, then lately, I’ve noticed more and more people coming to play ball.

Wednesday we had a pick up game and two teams of 6.

It was actually awesome eto have such a giant group for hoops, because in the past we had three on three teams, more people coming to the court means more people for the hoops pickup games. My friend and I were running up the court when I completely tripped over my own legs and fell flat on my face. I got up and my head was hurting badly. One of my friends rushed over to me and asked if I was okay, then he said I had a huge gash on the back of my head. I thought that I was just fine, however I started to get dizzy after a minute or two. I tried to play the rest of the game, however I had to go to the ER instead. I waited for 2 hours before I even saw the doctor. The doctor told me that it looked like I had a pretty great cut, however I did not need any stitches. The doctor did say that I was very suffering from a concussion since I was dizzy and feeling sick to my stomach. The doctor kept me in the ER for 12 hours so the dentists could watch over me. The very next morning, they released me and let me go back home. I am thankful I did not need stitches as well.

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