As life changes, roles adjust

It’s still a bit strange to get used to something different after years of knowing only one way.

  • For me, it was suddenly learning how not to live with my partner.

But that’s what seemed to be best for my partner and I. Once our kids went off to college things got awkward and our drift was pretty apparent. There was just so much silence inside the home. We did the best to stay out of each other’s path. We both stayed late at the office in order to avoid going home. Once things became intolerable we talked about it and it was such a relief. There was no blame or failure to it really. I mean, we’d been good partners, raised good youngsters but it was time to face the fact that our relationship isn’t good anymore. So we met with a realtor and then did some projects to add value to the house before listing it. We also replaced the Heating and A/C machine to the latest residential HVAC unit. This was a massive selling boost. Currently, I live in a small 2-bedroomed house and it’s a bit weird but I’m going to be okay. It’s just funny how you don’t realize how many things your partner handled over the years. For instance, everything about the Heating and A/C machine now is on me. But I am doing pretty well starting with the fact that I signed up for the Heating and A/C maintenance plan given by the HVAC company. Still, I have to keep setting reminders on my devices in order to get the HVAC air filter changed on time. But, I think I can handle that.

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