Ductless Heating and A/C helps ensure my house is a happy place

It’s not all that easy parenting several kids.

  • Just ask my spouse.

When we started our family, we thought we wanted the giant family with like 7 youngsters. Thankfully, we stopped at the fourth one. Even so, now that we have four kids running around, we hardly get time to just soak up the air conditioning in silence. The ironic thing about that is that both of us are quiet people. This is one of the reasons we’ve been so compatible. And actually, this is how we met. Instead of partying through school,we found our way to the library in one corner that got good air conditioning. We both had similar preferences and likes hence we ended up as partners right from the word go. So having a house full of girls of all things, is certainly an added twist to our lives. When the pandemic started, We all did pretty well when it came to respecting each other. We had to share the office that was properly ventilated for over a year. My spouse and I were working from the house and the youngsters would have online classes too. Still, I found that I needed a place to just take a breath and be alone. So I had the Heating and A/C company install a ductless heat pump inside the finished attic. It was the perfect spot where I could just slip away for some high quality heating and cooling as I enjoyed some quiet for myself. The attic and ductless Heating/ AC are still making that part of the cabin comfortable so that everyone keeps running out there when they want to relax. And man, am I ever grateful for that.



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