Ductless mini split systems cater to any space

Ductless mini split systems provide a straightforward solution to some of the most difficult temperature control challenges.

Ductless systems consist of two main components.

There is a compact outdoor compressor that connects to one or multiple streamlined and lightweight indoor air handles. The two units link together by way of a conduit that houses the electric line, refrigerant line and condensate drain. The conduit requires only a three-inch hole in an exterior wall and because of extensive line lengths, allow freedom of location of the indoor air handlers. Mounting high on the wall, down near the floor and even into the ceiling, the air handlers are unobtrusive and quiet. The whole system can usually be installed and running in a single afternoon. There is no need to tear down walls or ceilings. There’s no big remodeling project or mess to clean up. A ductless split system accommodates older homes that lack conventional ductwork, tight installation spaces, and just about any size or style of space. There are ductless air conditioners for strictly cooling purposes and ductless heat pumps that combine heating and cooling capacity. Modern systems feature inverter technology that allows the equipment to automatically adjust speed according to demand. By providing only the exact amount of heating or cooling necessary to achieve comfort, the ductless system is especially efficient. Plus, today’s ductless models are able to handle outdoor temperatures below freezing. Many of the models adjust through a wireless remote or even an app on a smartphone. They are effective at dehumidifying and filtering contaminants out of the air.

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