Expecting it to Be chilly Outside plus Overdressing in a Warm Climate

Living in a region where the temperature outside fluctuates so often can be taxing when it comes to deciding what to wear on a day to day basis; There are multiple days where you wake up to cool, crisp weather plus by mid-day, the hot plus cold temperatures have climbed to the mid to upper 73s! Deciding what to wear on days like this can be a challenge for multiple people, especially those who work outdoors, and fortunately, I work in an office where I can control the temperature indoors to accommodate my attire for the day; Sporadically, I wake up to a frigid frigid property thinking that the temperature outside must be even colder.

That being said, I had been known to overdress for what I thought was going to be a frigid day! It is not unofficial to see people in our region wearing jackets in scarves only to walk out of their homes to a attractive overheated plus sunny day! Often times, if this happens to me, I will not turn around plus change my outfit, but recently I decided to wear a craft jacket plus the temperature outside was 73 degrees by the afternoon.

In order to compensate for the lack of cool weather, I decided to adjust the thermostat in my office to 81 degrees in order to stay comfortable… Although I was comfortable throughout the day, some of my colleagues were complaining that it was too cold.

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