Going to the cabin this winter time just got easier

When dad was giving up the ghost, he wanted my sibling and I to be there to ensure that we kept the cabin in the family.

He wasn’t so distraught about anything else which was very interesting.

But he was adamant that we would never sell the place once he was gone. Honestly, I don’t know if any of us could think of ever doing that. Some of the best memories we had of dad was him whisking us out of the house to the cabin. Even without the best HVAC system, he still pulled us out there. Dad would pick us up and take us for a long weekend at the cabin right after school. So while that cabin is worth a ton of money, I know that none of us would ever have the first thought of selling it. Besides, both of our youngsters loved it just like we did up there on that property. And who wouldn’t with all that perfect nature, a lake and a unique quietness for miles. While we didn’t entertain the thought of selling the cabin, we did want to revamp it a bit. And a major one was having some other source of heating up there in the winter. The wood stove’s heating wasn’t sufficient any more. You had to get the fire going first. And that could be tricky at times. This resulted in us not going up there as much in the winter. So we had a series of ductless heat pumps installed to offer an extra heating source. Besides, having the Heating and cooling unit in the dead heat of summer time isn’t too terrible either.

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