I Bought Her a Thermostat Lock Box

One of my best friends is a single Dad with two teenage boys.

I enjoy her two women & I consider them family because I’ve grown up watching them.

They are easily wonderful youngsters, but they’re kids which means they’re going through a lot of swings, all these swings bring a lot of emotions to their household. My best acquaintance is always telling me about the various challenges she’s facing. Most recently, she explained how frustrated she was with her women changing the thermostat settings, then she’s told them countless times that they aren’t allowed to alter the temperature because it affects the utility bill, but they don’t fully understand. One of her women is always complaining that it’s too tepid & the other is always complaining that it’s too cold. This makes it easily hard to set the thermostat because it’s always a losing situation for her. I told my best acquaintance about the appealing benefits of a smart thermostat, even though she didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a new thermostat. I explained how she is saving money because her women wouldn’t be changing any of the settings & compromising the efficiency, even though she still wasn’t convinced. I was determined to help her, so instead of a smart thermostat, I went out & obtained a clear lock box to go over the thermostat. There was one key & she could keep it hidden. My best acquaintance was blissful when she opened the gift & she installed it immediately! She claims that the thermostat lock box has changed her life dramatically.



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