I tend to sleep in at least 20 minutes longer. I try my best when this happens to be on time for work. I'm never late but when I am late it's only about 2 minutes and I still feel terrible showing up late to work. When I am running late that means my morning routine of getting ready is shortened. There are times where I will have to skip breakfast or I will just bring breakfast on-the-go. Or I will take a quicker shower than normal. If I do take a quick shower that means I can not dry my hair because I am very pressed for time. There are two alternatives when it comes to drying my hair. Obviously when I am on time I dry my hair with my hair dryer, or other times depending on whether the season is summer or winter, I will use the heating system or cooling system in my car. I will crank up the heating and cooling system in my car and put the vents directly at the bottom and top of my hair. This actually works for me and has helped me getting to work much faster. I've also dried my hair through my pellet stove. Since it is blowing out just as much heat as a hair dryer and as my furnace would, I use the vent from the pellet stove and put my hair near it. I don’t put my hair super close because I realize that the temperature can burn and dry out my hair.

Excited for winter and can’t wait to turn on furnace

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