I’m finding soot-like particles in my home

I am a stay at home mom. I decided to stay home with my children about two years ago when our youngest child was born. We thought it was best that I stay home with our two children since we didn’t want to search for a babysitter. Plus we don’t want to pay for a babysitter everyday. We thought that that could get a little pricey. When my children and I are home together I make sure that my oldest child, who is going into pre k next year, is learning. I will show her flash cards with numbers and words and I’ll teach her how to write the alphabet. I think this will be very beneficial for her before she starts school. While I was teaching my child on the floor I saw some black soot on my end table in my living room. I stopped our teaching session and looked at the other surfaces in my home, there was soot everywhere too. It looks like there is pepper all over my furniture. My furnace has been on for most of the day but I’m confused as to why there’s soot. It seems a little hazardous because we are breathing this in. I decided to call my HVAC provider to schedule an appointment with a technician. While I was waiting for him I decided to turn my HVAC system off. I’m hoping that it’s just my air ducts needing a cleaning and not some major repair. Hopefully there’s a solution so there’s no more soot circulating in our home.


furnace/heater tune-up