Living Outside the grid with the best Heating and cooling equipment

From our experience, this summer time has to be the most comfortable of all of them since we’ve been residing way out here.

Living off the grid has been something of a lifetime pursuit that we turned into reality.

It took a mixture of luck, hard work, and persistence for any of this to happen. Even with all the knowledge we gathered, understanding and excellent planning, it still comes down to having enough cash. I was working for a commercial Heating and A/C for a company in town but I just had no interest in it. While I was happy to have perfected my skills working at the HVAC office, that’s as far as it went. As you can imagine, I’m not exactly a corporate type of person. But I had to have the money. Then, just as I was thinking I’d never get out there, a relative died and left me almost the exact amount of money that I needed to finalize my move off the grid. That’s been over one decade ago now and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We are now able to do all of our work from my cabin thanks to satellite WIFI. That was a big bonus as we would have to get to the nearest community just to get a signal to work. The other thing was installing a ductless heat pump this Spring. An old friend of mine is an HVACprofessional and he helped me install it. Of course, we had a wood stove for heating. But having that ductless heat pump and the air conditioner this summer time was critical