Meeting Great People is a Blessing

This weekend has been a truly busy one for me.

Sunday night came and I had committed to going to my church to make 2000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

It turns out that my buddy and I only made it at 11:00, but that is because my buddy and I ran out of ingredients. It turns out that the homeless shelter has asked us to make as several peanut butter sandwiches as my buddy and I can every week because it helps them to have them on hand to give a quick supper or a midday snack separate from having to cook. The second reason this was such a good blessing is because I got to meet so several good people. I did run into people I already know oh, of course, because it was taking place at my church, but I also ran into people I did not know before. It was truly charming to do in our big room in our Parish Hall, then my pal and I recently bought a new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system for that building, and the a/c was set exactly where it should be. If my buddy and I had not had AC, my buddy and I entirely would have been quite hot; Even though it is September, and everybody is selling pumpkin flavored everything, it is still truly much like Summer here where I live. I live in the Southeast, and my buddy and I love our a/c here. In our church Hall, my buddy and I have central a/c for the major rooms, but my buddy and I also have a few small rooms that are used as classrooms oh, and those have mini split cooling systems in them. That way, my buddy and I do not have to use the central AC if the only people using the building are the kids in the classrooms. But I tell you what, I was truly glad to have the AC running strong while my buddy and I made 1100 PBJ sandwiches

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