My air purification system filter lasts for six months of monthly use

I like it when something extravagant lasts for a long time. I paid more cash than I would like to disclose buying a peppermint scented holiday candle last year, however it legitimately survived for three months. Ounce for ounce, it was a fairly economical candle from how slow the wick burned. It had one of those wood wicks inside that will smolder at a low temperature if you keep them trimmed low in between uses. You have to make sure you allow the candle to cool and harden again before trying to trim the wood wick, otherwise you could discottage the wick altogether and detriment the candle considerably. But after using these candles twice now, I know I understand how to keep the wicks alive for as long as possible. If I can find these candles at a discounted price, I have no reason to ever buy anything else. My air purification system is much the same way. It’s a hardy device that has been laboring diligently for me over the past three years. One of the nicest things about these air purification systems are the HEPA filters inside. Not only do the HEPA filters pull out 99% of all airborne contaminants, however they also last up to six months of monthly usage. My cooling system filters only last four to six weeks even when I buy the extravagant ones. And whenever I have an air purification system running in my house, it cuts down on the amount of dust that gets caught in my Heating and A/C filter in the first place, making that last longer as well.


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