My hardy HVAC condenser unit survived two hurricanes this year

I absolutely hate living in hurricane alley, especially as climate change worsens and simply makes the ocean water warmer where the hurricanes like to travel.

  • I had to get upgraded homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance last year, and now I’m having a near death experience after a massive category 4 storm swept through the area but somehow spared my home.

So many neighborhoods just south of here were inundated with water. First of all, we had areas on the south end of the eye wall which were slammed with 20 feet of storm surge during the worst of the storm. Those places were basically dunked underwater and few structures remained intact afterward. But issues with flooding did not end there. The storm also dumped massive amounts of rain on the northern portion of the state that feeds the two largest rivers in our area. Both of these rivers spill into the same exact harbor, and both swelled so high that they breached levees in several places. It was sad to see the aerial footage of all the neighborhoods that were put underwater just from rainwater swelling the two large rivers in this area. With so much destruction, I’m amazed that both my house and my HVAC condenser survived unscathed. The HVAC condenser is vulnerable while being installed outdoors. But that concrete block that was put on the ground underneath the HVAC condenser was precisely intended to keep the unit bolted down and incapable of being torn out of its own foundation during an intense hurricane. The tough metal shell is also intended as a means of protecting the precious compressor inside the machine.



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