My motorcar in school had an air conditioner that only lasted for six months

I was one of the few youngsters in my group of middle school friends who didn’t have a car.

I had to bum rides from whoever I could whenever I couldn’t borrow my mother’s minivan.

Back then I just wanted to spend endless hours driving with amazing music playing on the motorcar sound dock. This is what my friends and I would do more than anything else when gasoline was cheap back at that time. Although once I hit 18, my friend and I were often “smoking” in the motorcar as much as I don’t like to confess to it these afternoons. My fantastic friend and I would get something absolutely strong, feel the effects, and then space out to some trippy sounding music that we’d take turns curating. This was right at the start of the smartphone era so my friend and I all had CDs and MP3 players at the time. I inherited an SUV from a family member after I graduated from middle school and I’ll never forget how fantastic I felt getting that motorcar detailed for the first time and putting my stuff inside to make it “mine.” I had CDs all over the venue by the end of my freshman year of school. Unfortunately, the air conditioner in that motorcar only lasted for six months after I got the coolant recharged while in my detailing visit. The mechanic thought that it just needed current coolant, however my friend and I later determined that it had a leaking compressor. You could top off the coolant in the car’s air conditioner, however then it would drain within six months of daily use, leaving you back where you started again.

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