My parents heating system may be oversized

My parents have a house that is pretty old.

They still live in the same house that I was born and raised in.

The house is about 45 years old but it is still in great condition. My parents are much older now and the things that they could do ten years ago they can’t do now. My dad used to be so strong and could carry heavy things around the house. He was very handy and did a lot of the landscaping and reconstruction of their home. Now that he’s much older he doesn’t keep up with the landscaping. I’ll go over to my parent’s house just about every weekend to do the landscaping and help them. Recently they called me up about their new HVAC system. They had an HVAC system put in last week by an HVAC technician. The other day when I was talking to my friends they told me that I should have went with the HVAC technician that I did for my parents. I asked them why and they told me that they are known for not putting in the right size HVAC system. Therefore when my parents called me the other day about how loud their HVAC system was sounding I figured that they must of had the wrong size system in their house. My parents told me that the fan was set to the lowest setting and they couldn’t even hear themselves think. I’m going to call another HVAC provider to take measurements and see if the HVAC system is oversized.


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