Natural Air Conditioning is the Best Kind

I live in the Southeast corner of the United States, and trust me when I say this: I love air conditioning.

I think the man that invented air conditioning should be Declared a saint.

I am 100% certain that he is responsible for saving many lives. Without air conditioning, I am pretty certain that I would not be able to live here in this beautiful state where I live. That being said, the best kind of air conditioning is natural air conditioning. In other words, I love it when the fall and winter arrive because I can open my windows, breathe the fresh air, and turn the air conditioner off. Because I live so far south, I generally don’t have to use the heater very often, but in the winter there does come a time when I turn the heating on at night. Usually, I don’t have to use it for more than a few weeks of the year, but trust me when I say this. I use the air conditioning system almost every month. There might be one or two months of every year when I get to enjoy using no HVAC, and counting on mother nature and her natural air conditioning for cooling. I remember when I was a kid, I lived in the Northeast, and we had natural air conditioning much longer. At Thanksgiving time, we used to have a big glass bottle of apple cider, and we would open the door and put it outside instead of putting it in the refrigerator. Those days are long gone now that I am in the Southeast, but I still appreciate natural air conditioning oh, but I also greatly admire the man who invented AC.

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