Paid for vacation extras with the savings from the HVAC unit

Much like the way I handle things inside the house and office, I like to find consensus in solutions.

  • I’m a firm believer that having all those involved in the outcome makes the results better.

And it was this sort of strategy that I applied to my family when it came to the Heating and cooling in our home. We live in a region where the heat is the biggest deal. For sure, air conditioning is a must have around here or you are going to be crazy without it. What’s more, I get put out with the HVAC machine being used poorly as this often results in high Heating and cooling costs. But talking, explaining and even pleading hadn’t gotten me anywhere when it came to a consistent temperature control setting in our home. So I decided to involve all the participants in an effort to entirely solve the high costs of Heating & cooling we’d been experiencing. I had to make saving worth everyone’s while. The first step there was giving everyone a goal that was officially effective immediately. Every year when we go on vacation, I’m always reluctant when it comes to the kids and spouse wanting to buy extras. So this year, I gave the family a deal. For all the money we saved on Heating and air conditioning, we’d use it on our family vacation at the end of summer. And like magic, the temperature control stayed right where it was supposed to be. All I had to do was program the temperature control at the beginning of summer time and it was left alone. I also stuck to my word, and kept a running tally of the savings all summer time. We blew it out on summer time vacation later that year.


Cooling representative