Radiant Heated Flooring In The Bathroom

When our home was under construction, there was a drastic rainstorm that completely flooded the first floor. My friend and I busy the construction for the driest time of year, so the random rainstorm that my associate and I experienced was a complete shock to pretty much everyone. There was a temporary roof on the second floor addition my associate and I were adding, but it collapsed with the heavy rain. For the past 8 months, our home has been under construction, trying to rebuild everything that was harmd. Thankfully, my associate and I had homeowners insurance that covered everything. I wasn’t planning on remodeling my home, but the flooding left me no choice. One of the rooms that was hit the hardest was the master bathroom. My friend and I had to remove everything back to the studs & basically start from the ground up, then while picking the new finishes, my hubby & I decided to treat ourselves to heated flooring in the bathroom. My friend and I hated stepping out of the tub or shower onto a cold floor. Our bathroom is naturally cooler than the rest of the home too, which made it extra hard to get out of a tepid shower. The radiant heated flooring was the perfect luxury. One of the best parts about the new heated flooring in the bathroom is that they’re linked to a timer. My friend and I have the timer set to turn on the heated flooring right before my associate and I wake up & in the evening. The radiant heated flooring will turn on automatically to moderate up our feet. My friend and I can’t know my associate and I lived this long without heated flooring!

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