Starting a up-to-date task plus chilly

I thought graduating from university a semester early before all of my friends was going to be a piece of cake, however unfortunately it has not, then trying to find a task before I have to pay my student loans in a couple of months has been a pain.

I’ve applied to over fifty tasks, been on at least twenty interviews plus still nothing! It’s ok, I’m not going to supply up just yet.

While I’m trying to find a task that I went to university for I’ve been toiling a few nights of week bartending. Bartending is fun at times however on weekends it gets really busy. The tips that I make are wonderful plus I save them on the side to beginning paying off my student loan… Last week I had training plus the first evening that I was there I was chilly. I asked the manager who was training me if the heat was on… She told me that it wasn’t plus that they weren’t going to put it on until more clients showed up! I already knew from a few other people that she wasn’t a fine manager. I won’t be here really long it’s only until I find a task. But what kind of manager doesn’t put their Heating plus A/C system on. I could see the temperature control from the bar. You don’t know how badly I wanted to put the temperature up high. It was set to 67 degrees even though I was cold. After about an hour more people showed up. The manager went to the temperature control plus flipped on the switch for the boiler to go on.
oil heater