The Heating and A/C worker was right on time for the cooling system repair

I work from home, and my schedule is just as crazy.

I consistently thought working from dwelling would be easier.

I’d work for an hour or two in the morning, then chill and do other things for the remainder of the morning. I even fantasized about starting a garden, and perhaps sharing my growing experience online. So, when the pandemic sent all of us home, I knew it was time for my dream to come true. It was a bit upsetting for the first few months as my friend and I watched the pandemic unfold. Then, our boss sent out an email that my friend and I were to resume work. The schedule was even tighter now because my friend and I weren’t in the office. I found myself working past 5 pm on most nights, and quite early each morning. Things got so excruciating that my friend and I had to have a meeting about work hours. During the morning of the meeting, I was having some A/C issues in my home. So, I risked and busy a Heating and A/C worker to come and carry out cooling repairs in my home. I showed him the location of the Heating and A/C cooling system, and informed him I’d be in a meeting. If she needed anything, just shoot me a text and I’d come out of my office. As the Heating and A/C worker inspected my Heating and A/C cooling system, the meeting went on. My friend and I explained to our boss that my friend and I were working longer than my friend and I did at the office. And my friend and I needed better compensation for the extra hours. If my friend and I are to work overtime, my friend and I need fair compensation from the business.

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