The Heating, Ventilation & A/C fan will not turn off

My family is coming over this weekend and I have a lot of things to prepare for before they come and stay at my house.

I live in the northeast and my family is from the west.

They don’t get to experience a lot of winter and snowfall in the part of the west that they live in! So it will be genuinely exciting for them to come and see all of the snow that my pal and I have gotten so far. Because of all the snow, I have been running my heating system all afternoon for the past few weeks. When my heating system is running I also like to have my heating and cooling unit’s fan on. The fan is turned on to the auto setting on the thermostat and it kicks on whenever it needs to! However today it seems like it will not shut off. I have tried everything, I’ve even tried turning the fan setting to off on the thermostat, and nothing seems to work. I decided to call my heating and cooling worker because I knew that something had to be broken. When my heating and cooling worker came to diagnose the concern it turned out that the thermostat cable shorted. This was a concern that I could not fix on my own and a professional heating and cooling repair guy had to fix. After he substituted the thermostat cable I was finally able to cherish the fan that’s installed on my heating and cooling system. Now I’m able to turn it off when I don’t need to use it.


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