The Hospital Experience

Have you ever noticed that it is often cold cold in the hospital? Especially if you go to the emergency room for some reason, you better stop and get a sweater or a jacket before you drive there.

If you have to take an ambulance, you are going to be cold unless they give you a blanket straight from the blanket heater.

Anyway, I recently had to go to the ER with a neighbor of mine, oh, and let me tell you they must have their AC temperature control set to 40 degrees or something. It was so cold in there, and when you walk outside the temperature control was in the 75s! It was quite a contrast. The dentists and doctors that were working in the ER were all wearing either a jacket or a sweater. I asked the guy behind the desk why they didn’t turn the AC temperature control up a little bit, because it was apparent that everyone was cold. It turns out, though, that hospitals turn their a/c truly cold in order to discourage the growth of germs and viruses.Doctors always wear those colorless coats, and they also often walk around hastily from room to room, so ordinarily they are not cold no matter where the AC temperature control is set. The dentists and other professionals who spend most of their time at a desk behind a laptop, but, entirely would benefit from having the a/c a little bit warmer. I did notice that a couple of them had portable heaters blocked in down by their feet. They did tell me, though, they are entirely not supposed to do that.

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