The tear to my knee is significant

When it’s freezing and frigid outside and the temperatures are low, my friends and I like to go skiing. Last weekend there was a sale on lift tickets and my friends and I decided to spend all afternoon Sunday and all afternoon Monday skiing. We woke up early on Sunday and made the 2-hour drive out to the ski resort. We were there all afternoon long. We decided to stay someplace close on Sunday night. We were going to get a room at the cottage, but it was booked up. We ended up at a holiday inn about 5 miles from the ski resort. The hotel was in absolutely nice shape and it was still pretty brand new. There was a nice electric heater in the room. The heater was on my side of the bed. I was cozy and moderate all night long. There was a bar downstairs and a steakhouse. We had dinner at the bar and steakhouse and a nice night of sleep. Monday afternoon, the slopes were not as busy as they were on Sunday. We decided to try one of the more hard trails. I was going too hastily and I ran right into a tree. When I got up, I could tell that there was a concern with my knee. Later during the week I decided to go to the healthcare worker when my knee was still bothering me. I need surgery to repair the detriment from the skiing accident. I have to take off four to six weeks from work in order to have it completed.


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