Thermostat Freedom In Our School

Something I love about the college I teach at is how I have control over the control component in my classroom, however i know a lot of educators who work at other colleges as well as their number one complaint is about the control component settings! Their rooms are either too overheated or too cold, then most colleges don’t allow their educator’s to control the temperature of their classrooms for efficiency as well as consistency reasons, however from what I’ve heard from some of the older educators, our college wasn’t consistently like this.

  • The principal used to control the heat as well as air settings for the entire building… One year though, the educators fought for their right to have control over the temperature settings in their room.

If they were going to spend all day teaching in one room, they wanted the right to set the control component however they satisfied. The principal agreed, however there were a few limitations. Teachers were granted access to their control unit, however they could only set the temperature between 65 degrees as well as 68 degrees. This would keep things running efficiently. The clear lock boxes were also required to remain locked at all times in order to prevent students from altering the control unit, and each educator was given a key to the control component lock box as well as they were responsible for it. If a educator couldn’t follow these guidelines, then the key would be taken from them as well as the principal would set it himself. I’m so thankful those educators fought for our control component freedom this week. I love to work in a room that’s not too overheated or too cold.


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