Waking up in the heart of the evening and having to turn air conditioner on

My hubby and I just bought ourselves a brand modern furniture set, our ancient furniture set my friend and I bought from a garage sale about ten years ago, so my friend and I figured that it was time to replace our furniture set.

Our bed was a queen size so some evenings it wasn’t truly comfortable… However these past few evenings have been even more uncomfortable going to bed; It didn’t help that I was coming down with some kind of freezing but I thought our modern king bed was going to be much more comfortable.

I was wrong. I went to bed and woke up drenched with sweat. I had a feeling that my fever broke. I decided to make sure that I saw the dentist’s the next day because I didn’t want to get even more sick, but when I woke up feeling truly hot, I couldn’t sleep. I got up, walked downstairs and turned our air conditioner on. It was the first week of Spring and it was still freezing out, and but I couldn’t go to bed feeling hot. I switched my control component to cool and set the temperature down a few degrees. I went to bed somewhat relieved that the air conditioner was on. Hopefully the cool air coming out of the vents will aid to the sickness that is coming over me. However before my hubby wakes up in the day I’m going to have to shut the air conditioner off and switch it back to heat because he’s always cold, but plus I don’t want him to complain that he’s freezing when he gets out of the shower.


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