Window air conditioning system

I worked overtime the other day because it’s the end of the year and my enjoyable friend and I have to come up with solutions on how my enjoyable friend and I want to better the supplier, and since most people is so stressed during the week my enjoyable friend and I had to come into work on our day off and have a meeting upstairs at the office, but i absolutely dread having any contact with the upstairs office; The reason for that being is that there is no ventilation and it’s consistently so tepid in there in the summer time and consistently legitimately cold in the winter season and there is no form of cooling system or heater, our boss decided to set up a portable air conditioner unit.

  • She thought that even during the winter season time it would be beneficial since there would be some sort of air circulating through the upstairs.

I didn’t suppose it was the greatest idea because winter season air is already dry and having air conditioner on is only going to dry out the office space even more, then my buddy and I were all upstairs for a enjoyable three hours for the meeting and I left with a legitimately scratchy throat. I suppose because the air was so dry and at times it was so cold, that was the result of it. I have to deal with a scratchy throat and it potentially leading to a cold. I was absolutely on a roll with not getting sick during the winter, however but I suppose that’s going to change thanks to the upstairs office not having any form of ventilation, the air conditioner being on, and even coming into work on my day off.


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