A life of luxury with heating plus a/c

I have never been able to live in a life of luxury.

However my cousins seem to have it easily made for them.

They live in a easily nice current home. They also have 3 kids plus can enjoy all the Finer Things in life. I wish I could be just like them too, then fortunately for me I get to spend a lot of time at their home. I am almost like another child to my cousin. They even have a easily nice heating plus cooling system, but at condo I do not have a/c. I only have heating. So I like to enjoy my summers at my cousin’s house. They always have a easily nice a/c. I feel cool in their house no matter where I go. In the winter there boiler is actually nice too. They have the heat turned on but also have a fireplace. They turn the fireplace on if the boiler feels like it’s not enough. This is what helps them to heat the house plus feel more comfortable in their home. The fireplace even adds a special Ambiance to the room. I wish I could have the same type of Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system installed into my condo as they do in their home. Maybe one afternoon I will be able to afford a nice condo with both heating plus a/c. It is taxing to imagine all life like that… When I grow up I may even have to finance plus pay each month just so I can afford to live a life like that.


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