Installing a brand new heat pump was best for me and our home

I really like having control over everything.

I like things to be done my way and in my time.

I like to have everything I want and when I want it. You could say that I am pretty spoiled and bossy. I am not sure how my husband loves me like that but he does. Just recently we had to pick out a new HVAC system for the house. The other HVAC system had gotten too old and had a lot of years on it. It was time for an upgrade anyway. HVAC technology is changing constantly and it was time for some change anyhow. I met with an HVAC professional at our local HVAC business. We went over many options. My husband did not even bother to come because I was just going to pick out what I wanted anyway. He didn’t even want to have to think about it and be let down by not getting other options. At least he has come to terms with who I am as a person. We went over the many options available but I ended up going with a heat pump. Where we live it has become increasingly more mild over the years. The weather we get is never too extreme. We will have a back up furnace in case we ever do need it though. This heat pump is really convenient because we only need one system. It will make our lives easier to just switch using this one system. It will save us money as well because it uses the heat already in the air to heat or cool our home.

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