My Grandma’s Hot House

If you have an older relative, you know that the older they get, the colder they are no matter the temperature outside.

My granny has been living on her own for several years.

As the years go by, her condo seems to get warmer plus warmer. She refuses to wear more clothing when the seasons change, plus enjoys keeping her condo hot. This is not an issue for her, but when she has visitors someone consistently has something to say! My dad will visit her often plus bothers her about the control unit. She gets angry when someone comments on how warm the condo is. She says that it is her house, plus she can keep it whatever temperature she wants. One year, my great friend and I decided to bring the entire family over on Christmas day so that she didn’t have to leave the house. When my great friend and I got there, the internal temperature of the condo was in the 90’s! My dad turned the control unit down to an appropriate temperature plus did not tell her. She did not realize that the control unit had been adjusted with so several people inside to house. When everyone was gone, my dad put the temperature back up to her proper 85 degrees. She called us later that day to tell us how glad she was that everyone came over to visit on Christmas day; Granny will consistently keep her condo warm plus that is just something that her visitors needs to be aware of when they get there!