Party goers causing a stink at hosts home

Back in June, my friend decided that she was going to have a few friends over for dinner and to play games. She had just moved in to her new beachside apartment and wanted to celebrate this new chapter in her life. Kasey had a roommate, Taylor, and they seemed to get along very well. The two girls had a great life together and they seemed to mesh well on every level. They had all of the same friends and even worked together. They invited a few friends over for a party, but a few of the guests brought a friend over. This was not ideal in terms of the intimate ideal the girls had for the party. They looked past it and thought “the more, the merrier”! The girls were in for an unpleasant surprise. One of the guests decided that the house was too warm and adjusted the thermostat to 69 degrees! The girls did not notice the change in their thermostat until the following day, and it was already too late. The A/C system had frozen and they were no longer able to cool their house in the middle of the summer. Kasey immediately contacted the landlord. The roommates A/C was out for an entire week, and the landlord had them pay for the HVAC repairs. The landlord stated that the tenets were responsible for replacing the A/C filters monthly. Kasey was furious that a stranger would come into their home and cause such a mishap!

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