I care about our new fireplace

My fiance and I just got a new fireplace installed in our family room… I could not be happier with the results, but my pal and I have both wanted a fireplace in there for years now, however when my friend and I first moved into our house, my friend and I did some remodeling.

My pal and I planned to install the fireplace then, but things did not labor out the way that my friend and I planned, and adding a fireplace was not in the budget at that time. I am super blissful that my friend and I were able to finally get one installed though. Better late than never is what I always say. It is honestly a lovely fireplace. I have never seen one quite like ours before! The stonework around the fireplace and the mantle is genuinely particular , and I honestly like that. It gives our home some need character. My pal and I live in a subdivision, which is nice, but most of the houses in our neighborhood look alike, so to have something like our fireplace to set our home apart is honestly nice. My fiance likes it as well, and she says that but she picked it out, it turned out way better than she had ever planned for it to. I can’t wait for our kids to come property for the holidays so that I can show off our new fireplace. They wanted a fireplace in the family room when they still lived at home, so I suppose that they may be a little jealous that my friend and I got one after they left. It is honestly a fireplace to be jealous of for sure. I can’t wait to roast marshmallows over the flames like I used to do ever Christmas when I was a child. The holidays can’t come fast enough.


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