I have created a habit of cleaning my HVAC units

I feel like I am always cleaning.

It is so annoying. I can remember my mother saying the same thing when I was younger, but I never understood it at that time. I definitely understand now. I have three wonderful children and an amazing husband, but they all tend to make messes and not clean up after themselves. I have made sure to teach my children ever since they were young to clean up after themselves, but if I am not right there to remind them to clean up their messes, they get distracted and go off to the next thing. Because I am always doing dishes or mundane household chores, I find that I do not clean certain things as much as I should. The HVAC units in my house were something that I never used to clean. I noticed one day that my air conditioner smelled really bad, so I decided to clean it for the first time since I bought it. It was filthy, and I was thoroughly grossed out. My husband suggested that I clean the air conditioner more often, so I made it part of my monthly to do list. I also thought that I should probably clean the furnace. I have never cleaned a furnace in my life, so I looked up some videos on the internet. It was nothing complex, so I decided to make cleaning the furnace part of my monthly routine as well. I am very happy with myself, and I hope to incorporate other things into my weekly or monthly cleaning routines that do not usually get done.

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