I melted my favorite blanket with my space heater

I am so aggravated with myself because I ruined my favorite blanket, but you see, I had been so careful about setting my space heating system near anything that could melt, but the one afternoon that I forgot, I melted my favorite blanket.

That blanket was about twenty years old.

It was a ceremony gift to me and my hubby. It had our anniversary on it, and I cannot believe that I was deranged enough to set my space heating system close enough to that blanket to melt it. My hubby does not get as connected to things as I do, so I knew that she would not be as aggravated when I told him about the blanket as I was when I saw what had happened. I walked into the home office that afternoon, and I smelled something weird. I could not figure out where the smell was coming from. I kept trying to follow my nose to the smell until I eventually found it. It was my melting blanket. I truly cried when I first figured out what had happened. My hubby said that she is going to try her best to find the exact same blanket and have our anniversary stitched onto it just like the one that was melted. I am banning myself from using space boilers as punishment for not being careful. I don’t know how realistic that will be though because I get pretty frigid in my home office while in the nights. I will really end up using a space heating system again just because of how frigid it gets.

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