Moving is not fun especially when you cut your only A/C in the process

I hate moving. As a boy, my family moved quite often. I counted once, as well as I suppose that I moved around thirty times from age two through fifteen. I suppose that I hate moving because I moved so much when I was a child. My spouse as well as I obtained a cute little home when we first got married, as well as I thought that we would never have to move, but my spouse was gave a undoubtedly good job in a town about three hours west of where we were residing. The pay for the job was double that of what he was currently getting paid, as well as the hours were much better as well. He simply could not resist, so we moved. It was quite the trip. Some men that helped us move accidently broke my china cupboard which was given to me by my Grandma, so I was undoubtedly angry. Thankfully, my spouse was able to fix my china cabinet, but I also dropped something. I dropped our only A/C. It broke into four huge pieces. I was hoping that I would be able to glue it back together, but it did not happen. It was absolutely too destroyed to ever labor again. My son saw how angry I was about it, so he tried to fix the A/C himself which was so sweet, but he was not able to fix it either. It absolutely does not get that moderate where we live, so we only need the A/C for about three months out of the year. My spouse said that he would stop by the store after labor today as well as buy us another A/C.

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