My best friend fixed my boiler

I have the greatest friend in the world… Katie, is my number one person on earth.

My associate and I have been friends since my associate and I were just five years old.

I cannot recognize how long my associate and I have known each other. I seriously cannot imagine life without my sweet friend. Katie is easily wonderful at solving problems plus fixing things. I feel like I am exactly the opposite. I tend to create the problems that she solves, but she really fixed my boiler on an accident the other afternoon. I easily wish that I could say that I accidently fixed something. I have no idea what was wrong with my heater, plus neither does she. My boiler would turn off before my house got up to temperature all of the time. It was so frustrating, then everytime that it turned off, I would have to go downstairs to the basement where the boiler was plus restart the stupid thing. It was a pain to say the least. I would say that it really shut off about three times per afternoon. I did not have the money to have an Heating & Air Conditioning company come over plus fix my heater, so I was just living with the problem. My best friend came over one afternoon, plus she asked me why it was so cold. I told her that the boiler was messed up. She went down plus messed with it for a few minutes, plus my boiler has not had any complications since. I cannot recognize it. I am so thankful for cool friends like Katie who have a way with things that I just don’t have, plus I really won’t ever have.

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