My rabbit chewed the cord to my air conditioner

I love rabbits so much.

  • I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not have at least one rabbit.

My sibling and I used to raise rabbits when my good friend and I were little. My associate and I did not raise them for currency or anything like that. My associate and I simply did it for fun. My associate and I started with just one rabbit, but after that I obtained a second, and they had babies. My associate and I just kept growing our rabbit family from then on. It was truly a blast. My associate and I let them roam the city, and our neighbors enjoyed it. It was so fun to look out the window and see a rabbit in your yard that was black, pale white, gray, or spotted. They started mating with wild rabbits as well, so our town was truly populated with rabbits! When I moved out of the home and got married, I still wanted rabbits of my own, so I begged my proprietor to let me have just one rabbit, and he provided in. I have one rabbit named squeakers, and he is so naughty. I found him chewing the cord to my air conditioner last week. I know that rabbits love cords, but he had never chewed a cord before. I leave him in the living room all of the time because he is home trained, and his potty box is in a little closet in the living room. He looked so guilty when I caught him chewing that A/C cord. It was sort of cute, despite the fact that I was frustrated because he basically chewed through the whole cord which means I do not have an air conditioner anymore. My partner said that he should be able to repair it when he gets condo this week. I hope so because it is unquestionably sizzling in this home separate from any air conditioner.


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