My wife keeps turning off the air conditioner because she is too cold

My wife, Vincent, plus I have been married for over seven years now. I cannot think how fast time flies. I care about him so much, plus I would not trade our relationship for the world, she is so kind plus so passionate. She treats me like a princess, plus I care about him, but even though my pal and I get along great, my pal and I are not perfect. There are some things that each of us do that annoy the other. I leave lights on in the house, plus that annoys my wife so much. I do not try to leave them on, but I just unquestionably do not remember to turn them off when I leave a room. My wife says that when she gets dwelling from work she will sometimes kneel in the vehicle plus just count how many lights I have on in the house. My wife has a new habit that annoys me a bit plus that is turning off the air conditioner. I am pregnant, plus I am consistently super hot, so having the air conditioner on is a must for me. My wife tends to get cold at evening, so she turns the air conditioner off which entirely does not bother me if I am sleeping, however she forgets to turn it back on the next afternoon, so I wake up to a warm, stuffy dwelling which makes me so grumpy. To me, there is nothing worse than being warm when you are pregnant. I usually kneel directly in front of the air conditioner plus drink my tea in the afternoon because it is the only way that I can stay cool enough.