The air conditioner in my vehicle works great now

I have had car trouble for the last year, and it has been quite annoying to deal with. My boyfriend does not know a lot about mechanics, so he has tried his best to find people that will help me fix my car for a good price. I really appreciate how much work he has done to help me get my car fixed. I had to get the transmission replaced about three months ago, and before that, I had to replace two of my tires. Last week, I noticed that my air conditioner was not working well in my car. I called my boyfriend, and he could not believe that something else was going wrong with my car. At first, he said that we should just sell the car, but then his buddy that was with him offered to take a look at the car for free. He was able to find a leak in an air conditioning line, and he said that he would replace it for free if I would buy the new line. I found a good deal on a new AC line, and he put it in for me. I cannot believe the difference it made in my air conditioning. I realize now that the line must have been leaking for quite some time, and I just did not notice it. I cannot believe how cold the air blows now. I freeze myself when I am in my car, and it is so nice. My boyfriend is pretty impressed with how cold the air is now as well. Now that the air conditioner is fixed, I really hope that nothing else goes wrong with my car.

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