Figured out uneven air temperature problem; toys in the ducts

Nobody needs anything extra to worry about these days.

Obviously, our world seems to be burning right now.

Every time I turn on the news I am being flooded with horror stories of climbing case numbers and political unrest. It’s difficult to know where to focus my attention because there are so many terrible things to concentrate on at the moment. That’s why we really weren’t excited when we noticed that we were going to need a professional HVAC inspection on top of it all. It had been a long couple of months trapped in the house together with two children. It definitely didn’t help when we started noticing that the indoor air temperature was fluctuating wildly throughout the day. There were uneven hot and cold patches throughout the entire house and it seems like the air temperature switched between hot and cold depending on the moment. I realized that there had to be some kind of problem with our HVAC equipment or duct work. I really didn’t want to call out a professional heating and cooling technician because it would cost us money and potentially our health. When I finally pulled the trigger and got an HVAC professional to our home, it only took him five minutes to figure out what was going on with the central heating and cooling system. Apparently, my kids have gotten bored enough during their shelter in place order to start using the air ducts as a form of entertainment. They were passing their toys back and forth through the air vents that connected their rooms, and in the process, they had lost a few. The HVAC technician pulled out several stuffed animals from our air ducts, and our uneven air temperatures cleared right up.

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