I was enthusiastic for the storm, until it broke my AC

For the past several weeks I have been infuriated by the weathermen in our area. I don’t know what’s going on, however it seems like every weather-predicting professional has been phoning it in lately. I am entirely not your average person, however I happen to love dark, stormy days a great deal. Time and time again, the weatherman was predicting that my buddy and I would have intense afternoon-long storms that just never showed up. I would prepare for a nice, dreary afternoon only for the sunlight to be pounding down as bright as ever. That’s why, I was absolutely harshly enthusiastic when I was informed that a large weather system was headed our direction and it would be raining for the foreseeable future. I thought that this was what I wanted.., however until my central cooling system broke down, then here I was, happily hanging out inside and seeing the storm blow by when I heard a massive sound from the backyard where my a/c component sits, and out of nowhere, a large branch had fallen on my central cooling system and completely destroyed the air handling equipment. I knew there was no way that my A/C component was going to start back up without a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer performing a whole host of repairs. Worst case scenario, I was going to need a brand current a/c to manage my home of hot, humid air. I went back inside and began calling every Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer in the area, only to be told that they couldn’t travel in this disappointing storm. Now, I am trapped inside with my windows open or any kind of circulation. The harshly muggy outdoor air feels disappointing in the house. And I absolutely wish it would go back to being sunny.

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