Never should have gotten smart thermostat for Grandma

Sometimes you try to help people plus only make the situation worse.

This is absolutely the case when it comes to just about anything having to do with my Grandma.

She wants to live independently plus be on her own, but she is also harshly needy plus incapable of taking care of things by herself. The other afternoon, she was complaining so much about her indoor air quality that I decided it was a wonderful idea to call out a professional heating plus cooling specialist to provide her a hand. Rather than having them install all current heating plus cooling devices, I wanted them to attach up a smart thermostat to her existing air conditioning system plus forced air furnace. I figured this was the best way to determine if she had an actual indoor air temperature control concern or if she was just mis-managing her thermostat settings. I installed the smart thermostat app on my PC plus began to monitor her indoor air quality control device usage. Well, this was a big mistake. My Grandma refuses to learn how to use her smart thermostat that was promptly installed in her house. She says the newfangled device is just too confusing for her to even touch it. This means she is calling me afternoon in plus afternoon out to adjust her indoor air temperature for her, based on her every whim. Whenever my friend and I speak, she traps me in a conversation for at least 30 minutes about her brown neighbors plus government conspiracies. I am growing fatigued with the constant racist PC calls from my Grandma plus I wish that I had never installed this central temperature control component at all.

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