Roommate didn’t know that you had to pay for energy

Sometimes it can be utterly shocking how people survive to reach an adult age when they clearly should have died off years ago. I don’t want to sound chilly or overly extreme, but it is incredible how stupid humans can be. Somehow, they continue surviving despite it all. I happen to think that this is usually their parents’ fault for teaching them so little earlier in life. You truly are not doing your teenagers any favors when you don’t let them do their own laundry, make their own food, or learn about annually bills on their own. This was exactly what happened with my most recent renter when he answered my Craigslist ad. I was distraught for a younger man to move into my apartment, but I didn’t realize that he could be unaware of how energy bills work. For the first month that he lived in my rented apartment, I saw that the energy bill was climbing higher plus higher each day. I kept providing his substitutes on the estimated energy bill as I saw it reaching astronomical levels. Clearly, he was using the central heating plus cooling system to an serious degree plus had no idea how much money he was going to owe the energy company at the end of the month. I wanted his to understand how high-priced it was to utilize a immense Heating plus Air Conditioning system before he drove herself into a hole. Unluckyly, apparently he had no idea what I was talking about when I kept bringing up the energy bill. For some reason, he thought that energy was included in the rent, plus I was simply providing his unnecessary substitutes on my energy company receipts. When the end of the month rolled around plus he was liable for $500 in energy expenses, you’d better feel he called idiot-enabling Momdy for help instantly.

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