They called us back… plus then sent us away

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling rather tired of this back plus forth between the media plus the government during this ongoing viral pandemic.

It was pretty clear a few months ago that my friend and I had managed to lower the curve when it came to our country’s COVID-19 contaminations. At the time, I was feeling a little optimistic about all of our sheltering in locale efforts, although I also know that letting people go back into the wild was going to increase the number of cases around the country, but lo plus behold, that’s exactly what happened. Now, I feel like I am being jerked around as I try to figure out what normal life is, then recently, my contractor tried to call us back into the office because they suppose that my friend and I were “all-clear.” At that point, I was absolutely a little excited to get out of my highly air conditioned home. I felt like I could not stand another afternoon of hanging out with my air conditioning system component plus listening to the air quality control device turn on plus off in the background of my silent house. I was tired of feeling ice cold, dry air conditioned air blowing on my body all afternoon long, most of all, I was tired of paying my high energy bills as I operated the central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system afternoon in plus afternoon out in a mostly empty house. I absolutely thought it was going to be good to rely on my office’s thermostat plus get a split on my own energy bills. Unluckyly, our return to the office only lasted one week. As COVID cases climbed again, my friend and I were ushered back into our own homes. I am hanging out with my air conditioning system component every afternoon, trying desperately not to split the bank with these insane energy bills.


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