Not a good time to lose the air conditioning

I live in a cold climate, and when you are used to living somewhere icy and cold, you may look forward to going somewhere warm.

For the past six months I have been dreaming of a tropical getaway.

I hadn’t been on vacation in what seems like forever and a fun little road trip with some friends of mine was sounding better and better. We decided to all make a plan, and we came to the agreement that we would save up some money and be on our way. It took a couple of months before everyone was ready, but before we knew it we were ready to go. With lots of anticipation and excitement, we loaded up all of our belongings and were on our way. For the first two days everything went smoothly, we had about a week ahead of us, with the goal being to drive coast to coast. We made stops to get some snacks and to sleep but that was it. All was going well until the afternoon of the third day, the temperatures outside were rising and we were starting to feel the heat. It was 95 degrees out! We were in the middle of nowhere when suddenly the car air conditioner stopped working. It didn’t take long before we became hot and we all felt like a can of sardines. Even though we didn’t want to, we had no choice but to make a stop at a repair shop, it would put us behind schedule but none of us were willing to go without the cool air of the a/c. Luckily the heating and cooling guy was super friendly and got our air conditioner running again in no time.



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Comparing the cost of a new gas furnace versus a modern heat pump

I have tried to slowly modernize my old house, but it’s hard.

My parents moved into this place in the 1980s, and before that it was owned by an old couple who had it from the time it was built in the 1950s.

Needless to say, there are relics from the past in everything from the paint and wallpaper to the old bathroom faucets and fixtures. I was shocked when I learned that the oven in the kitchen is original from when the house was originally built. I’m not sure why my parents never replaced it, but I did right after I took up occupancy here. With my job income slowly increasing, I’ve been able to afford some much needed upgrades in this place, culminating in my decision to get a new heating system entirely. Since this is a northern region and we had an exceptionally long winter this year, I can’t go without a good heater or furnace of some kind. There was a gas furnace here to begin with, but I started to wonder if I should consider an even better heating system this time around. I compared a new gas furnace to a modern heat pump to see the difference in price. Surprisingly, some heat pumps cost about as much as a good gas furnace, but they don’t require ductwork like a gas furnace does. On top of that, a gas furnace at best has a 97% efficiency rating while a heat pump can get up to 300% efficiency. That was the final determining factor in my getting a heat pump to replace the old gas furnace in the house.

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My dehumidifier actually helps with odors inside my house

I never had a sensitive sense of smell until recent years, and it would drive me insane as a kid because my mom was the opposite.

People used to say she had a “nuclear nose” because she could detect things that you’d think only a dog could sense.

When we were looking for a new home to rent in my middle school years, she drove my dad insane saying no to a handful of homes that she claimed smelled like mold. We came to find out that she was right on all of those properties after my father started doing detailed inspections in the places where she detected the most odor. I was amazed by the flagrant amount of water damage that landlords and home sellers try to hide from their renters or customers. And you could say what you want about my mom, but she always rooted out issues in homes we came across and toured. Not to mention, mom’s diligence resulted in us waiting longer than dad wanted and we found the perfect home at the absolute last minute. On top of that, she had dad buy a new heating and cooling system for the house that included a dehumidifier as well. Not only does drier air reduce fungal growth indoors, it leads to fewer odors as well. I still use dehumidifiers to this day, although my current one simply plugs into the wall and I run a hose out the back to a drain in the floor of my bathroom. It’s continuously draining because of the hose, making it extremely easy to use. The maintenance is simply cleaning the washable filter every two to three months or so.


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Modern a/c units often have sensors that shut the system off if the condensate leaks

I love it when machines implement new safety features to reduce the possibility for injury or harm.

There are some saws that have to be held constantly or a sensor will shut off the blade.

My recent space heater features a shut-off switch if it detects that the machine is tipping over. And then there’s my washing machine that stops and tries to reorient my laundry whenever it gets off balance and starts making a ton of noise. If the washer didn’t have this feature, I could lose use of it for days at a time if an unbalanced load causes the drum to get damaged. These things are usually fixable, but it costs both money and time that I’m not in a position to spend. Similarly, I learned that many modern air conditioners have shut-off switches whenever the condensate line clogs and starts to overflow. Naturally, algae and microbial growth can create slow-growing clogs in an a/c system’s condensate line. In an old a/c system, that water would flow back into the air conditioner and you’d have water damage underneath your air handler. With the safety shut-off switch, the entire air conditioner becomes inoperable until an HVAC technician clears the condensate line and resets the switch manually. This only takes my HVAC tech roughly an hour to do, and then the air conditioner is back to working normally once again. After hearing from my step dad about the water damage he faced one year due to a condensate clog, I’m really happy about these new HVAC safety features.
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Some geographic locations are more prone to airborne dust than others

I used to think that my parents’ moving from one airforce base to the next was a burden on my life, but it gave me a chance to experience a large list of different geographic locations and climates.

  • When I was in college, many of my peers were living out of their home states for the first time in their lives.

By graduation, many were toying with different places to move if they had not already accepted offers to graduate schools both in state and out of state. I was done gallivanting all over the country trying to “find myself,” as I learned long ago that the only peace you find in your travels is the peace you bring with you. I also figured out that some geographic locations are simply better than others for my interests purely. I have a lot of sinus and respiratory allergies that can sometimes make life more hectic than it already is. Places with lots of pollen, dust, and mold in the air are harder for me to enjoy than somewhere that is mild like my current state. The place my parents took me when I was a sophomore in high school was prone to lots of airborne dust, often culminating in sudden dust storms that would engulf the city in a matter of minutes following the warning. We had to use special air purification systems at home to make sure that we weren’t breathing in all of that dust if it found its way inside the house in places where it isn’t completely air tight.

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My odor reduction filters are shedding charcoal crystals into my a/c system

I hate it when I find a good product that gets changed by its manufacturer just to save on production costs.

Laundry detergent companies are notorious for doing this, as well as shorting on their amounts to save a few pennies here and there.

Cheap laundry detergent isn’t the same unless you buy the right brand, but these are often out of stock when I get to the grocery store. I don’t like going from one batch that smells wonderful to one with a strange chemical odor a month or two later. The disruption in global supply chains is likely to have repercussions generations into the future. Therefore, the rising cost of raw goods, materials, and components that go into making other products will inevitably lead to issues. A supplier can either raise their prices across the board, or seek a cheaper manufacturing process. Sadly, this was the decision that my air conditioner filter brand took with their once-great odor reduction filters. They were the first company to start spraying one of their allergen filter options with a layer of activated charcoal crystals. The amazing thing about the charcoal is that it doesn’t simply absorb odors, but also toxins released from mold spores if you have them getting in from outdoors. Unfortunately, my once beloved charcoal air conditioner filters are being made poorly and are shedding crystals into my HVAC air handler. These small, black charcoal crystals can lead to damage in the evaporator coil and fan motor. I took my a/c filter back to the store immediately and got a refund to buy a normal allergen filter.

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I want more rental properties

My whole family has pieces of real estate.

My father focuses on getting major home complexes.

He has numerous doors for rent plus strictly stays near the city. My sister does smaller single family homes for rent in the country. For me I like to look at apartments near my house. I have worked with the same real estate agent that only handles property in my small town. Jean is constantly calling me about apartments going for sale or single family homes. I now have 3 home rentals. I have a family of 3 in a house, two renters in a duplex plus one guy renting out a medium sized condo I just bought. I am already prepared to buy my next piece of real estate. I was considering either getting into commercial real estate like doing a storage facility, or just doing a larger home complex. I would like to have more than numerous tenants in a building. I have considered dialing back too. I have looked into property management services. I am constantly going over to my rental apartments. I have changed faucets, fixed AC units plus added a porch to one place. Thank you, I am basically a glorified handyman. I have saved quite a bit of money on Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plus plumbing. However, I am losing time finally working on my modern rentals when I could be hunting for new ones. That is why I know hiring out management services might be smartest. That way I have time plus much less stress when I add a new door.


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Want to pressure wash my house

I looked into hiring home painters but they were way too much cash.

The outside of our home won’t be that bad to paint, just time consuming.

I need to do window trim and our front porch as well, but sadly our front porch has lots of swindles and nooks that collect dust. I have tons of spider webs, mud wasp nests, insect spots and dirt all over the place. The previous homeowner had the genius method to paint it a light yellow, and from a distance it looks undoubtedly pretty. When you get up close it looks icky. I plan to change the porch to a brown that doesn’t show dirt. I realized that I can’t just paint the outside of our home however. I need to get it cleaned. I looked into renting a pressure washer and it was pricey. I also didn’t want to accidentally break a window or spend all day washing the exterior. Thankfully I found exterior cleaning services online. They can pressure wipe our home for hardly any money. They get it and get the task done. Having a freshly cleaned porch means the paint will stick nicer and it won’t be as gross of a task. I also want to paint right down to the ground. When it rains tons of sand gets on the lower level of our house. I really need that layer of gunk washed right off. It is going to save myself and others a lot of time, effort and paint by hiring out the pressure washing cleaning services. The home will look so much cleaner.


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The physical therapy class was better

I had to go to a physical therapist for 6 weeks after I was in a car crash.

The accident occurred in the middle of the winter.

Snow was piled up on the side of the road and I did not see the deer just behind the snow bank. I swerved, but it was too late. I hit the animal and then the motorcar jammed into a tree. I was in and out of sleep while waiting for help to arrive. I had to perform a lot of new exercises that would help strengthen the muscles in our back, neck, and legs. The exercises were very difficult in the beginning. I found it tough to perform some of the basic exercises. Eventually I gave up and stopped going to the classes. I never recovered fully from the accident. I started going to a fitness center and they offered free classes, however one of the fitness classes was stretching and movement. The group physical exercise class had room for 1 more. I found the exercises to be super great. The teacher was a physical therapist and retired from the job. The guy taught me how to perform simple exercises that would maximize the impact on the body. I found the group exercise classes to be very informative and fun. I enjoyed those physical exercise classes more than the classes I had at the medical facility. I continued to go to the classes each month and I felt my back getting stronger every afternoon. On the days that I didn’t have my class, I still exercised at home using the techniques that I learned in the group fitness classes.


Ended up with a better class

My spouse and I started going to a weekly yoga class.

My class was held every Monday from 7 until 8 pm.

We had plenty of time to go home after work, switch clothes, and shower, before both of us decided to go to class. The teacher had to change the time of the yoga class and my spouse and I were unable to attend the same class. We had to switch to a new yoga class. There was only 1 other night time yoga class that we could do. The class was half-filled, and there was space for my spouse and I to attend. The first time both of us decided to go to the classroom, I was very surprised by the yoga teacher… She was much younger than I expected. The grown woman looked like she was 16 years old. The girl gave us some of her background and both of us found out that she was a gymnast. She competed for a spot on the Olympic team when she was 15 years old. She was small in stature, even though she guaranteed that she was in better mental and physical condition than all the people! After both of us started the class, it was very certain that the yoga teacher was well seasoned and skilled. She also had a bubbly personality. The class was fun and interactive while still being relaxing and meditative. The hour-long class flew by very suddenly and my spouse and I felt sad when the class was over. We felt refreshed and relaxed with lots of energy. It genuinely might be nice to find the same class early in the afternoon, before my spouse and I go to work. Every one of us felt so nice when both of us were done. It was tough to go to sleep a few minutes later.

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Working as a gymnastics trainer

For the past ten years, I’ve owned and operated a gym where I train gymnasts.

I work with athletes from two to twenty-years-old.

It is my job to not only teach and explain the proper body position to accomplish the various skills, but to provide physical assistance. I am there to guide and catch their bodies as they attempt the different maneuvers. I provide all sorts of drills to prepare their minds and muscles to achieve these difficult skills. I never allow the students to progress until they are fully ready and confident. However, for the sake of safety, I need to provide hands-on spotting. Many of my students are taller and heavier than I am. In order to properly perform my job, without allowing injury to the athletes or myself, I need to keep myself in peak physical condition. Above and beyond teaching the kids, I devote an hour every morning to my personal workouts. I focus heavily on stretching and flexibility. It’s important that I can react quickly and have optimum range of motion. My flexibility helps to avoid muscle strains and tears. I also concentrate on strength training. I lift weights and concentrate on push-ups, pull-ups, plank holds, lunges and squats so that I can successfully support the weight of my students. I also need endurance. Training sessions with the athletes can be long and exhausting. I jump a lot of rope and go for long runs so that I can keep up without getting exhausted or sore. I really love what I do and enjoy working with the kids and helping them build healthy habits and confidence.

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