Author: Paul B.

Party goers causing a stink at hosts home

Back in June, my friend decided that she was going to have a few friends over for dinner and to play games. She had just moved in to her new beachside apartment and wanted to celebrate this new chapter in her life. Kasey had a roommate, Taylor, and they seemed to get along very well. […]

Career as an HVAC technician

When Kyle got out of highschool, many of his friends were off to college to get a degree. Kyle’s family always told him to think outside of the box. When he looked into the classic college plan, he was not interested. He wondered how many people went to college and actually really knew what their […]

My Grandma’s Hot House

When everyone was gone, my dad put the temperature back up to her usual 85 degrees If you have an older relative, you know that the older they get, the colder they are no matter the temperature outside. My granny has been living on her own for many years. As the years go by, her […]

Collapsed air duct noises behind my wall

There’s nothing worse than when you hear a noise that your ears don’t like. Lately I have been coming home and hearing a very strange noise. It is usually right after I turn on my HVAC unit in the house. I have tried to follow the noise and figure it out. I have been unable […]

Keeping the air ducts clean

I am someone who hates to have a dirty home. I also hate going to my friends homes and them being very dirty. It is just a giant pet peeve of mine. This is why I get my air ducts cleaned twice per year. The air ducts it behind my walls and collect dust. The […]

Switching to a ductless mini split system

Sometimes I am really good at making decisions. I am not always great at making decisions for myself. However recently I made a very good decision for me and my home. We used to have central air conditioning. Now we have a ductless mini-split system. I also installed some control Heating and Cooling with our […]