Author: Paul B.

Air conditioning experts' team-building experience

Every quarter, the air conditioning business takes all the air conditioning experts for a team-building retreat. Over the years, we have seen these activities build up morale and relationships among the a/c reps in the company. As the human resource manager, I strive to make the activities as interactive, fun, and energetic as possible. More […]

How is work after Covid as an air conditioning expert

Covid has changed so many people’s lives for good and evil. However, we are all trying to get ahead healthy. When the pandemic first hit, I had just launched my air conditioning business. I was very excited about the future. However, when Covid hit, I had to restrategize and hope to stay afloat. I remember […]

My experience with the air conditioning world

Dad is a diplomat, and he travels the world. When I was seventeen, they split up with our mum, and since then, I have seen him twice, within twelve years. My father contacted myself and others Last month to tell myself and others he was coming down for a long visit and he would be […]