Author: Paul B.

The shopping area was large and filled with stores

Yesterday, Melani purchased an item from a huge electronics store, and went to pick it up. After getting her purchase, Melani was hungry, and she decided that she wanted to eat some pizza for lunch. Melani is a pizza snob, and she just doesn’t eat any pizza that she comes across. It has to be […]

I can’t feel the fall weather yet

The weather has been so peculiar, then just a small number of afternoons ago, it was absolutely cold, & now the temps are all the way up in the 69s again, then i assume that weather such as this is absolutely a single 1 of the main reasons that folks get sick around this time […]

If you need a fireplace, now is a great time

If you want to get a new fireplace this year, now would be the time to get it installed; Fireplaces are particularly popular around these parts of the state. I don’t guess why almost everyone who needs it doesn’t have it already, however it seems prefer they don’t. Ed and I have a whole lot […]

Our digital temperature control sucks

Something is very wrong with our digital temperature controls because the temperature keeps going up as well as down all on its own. I don’t see what the deal is, so tell you the truth. I evaluated the batteries inside the temperature controls just to make sure that they hadn’t had all of the juice […]

I found a charming deal for a new oil furnace

I found a particularly tasty deal on the new oil furnace that I bought last week. I prefer getting fantastic bargains on things more than almost anything else in the whole wide world. I would rather get fantastic deals than anything else, that’s for sure… When I found out that I was going to have […]

Learning more about how online advertising can help me

Anyone who owns a heating plus air conditioner biz that has not tried online advertising is undoubtedly depriving their business, however or really, it doesn’t even need to be a Heating, Ventilation or A/C business, anyone who isn’t using digital advertising to their fortune is depriving themselves of money. I should know, because I l […]

I have been Considering SEO services for my website

For anyone who doesn’t get the internet yet, it can actually be intimidating, then you have this immense online universe with all kinds of knowledge plus different people, however for teenagers who were born to this tech, this seemed love nothing to them, however, for older people, it can be pretty challenging to try and […]

How my HVAC business became successful

A young friend of mine came to me to ask for help. We met a few years ago while playing pool. He is 20 years younger than me, and despite our age difference, we get along pretty well. We have a lot of shared interests and it is great to have someone to talk to […]