Author: Paul B.

I love my new fireplace

It is a beautiful gray stone mixed with a beautiful white wood My husband is the sweetest man on earth. He knows me so well. I never even told him directly that I wanted a fireplace, but he knew that I did. We were at a friend’s house one evening, and I complimented their fireplace. […]

I bought a nice heater for my front porch

I had been debating for years whether or not to enclose my porch before I actually decided to go ahead and do it. I started the process last summer, and the reason that I say it was a process was because I decided to do it all myself. I did not want to have to […]

My best friend fixed my furnace

I have the greatest friend in the world. Katie, is my favorite person on earth. We have been friends since we were just five years old. I cannot believe how long we have known each other. I seriously cannot imagine life without my sweet friend. Katie is really good at solving problems and fixing things. […]

I melted my favorite blanket with my space heater

I am banning myself from using space heaters as punishment for not being careful I am so upset with myself because I ruined my favorite blanket. You see, I had been so careful about setting my space heater near anything that could melt, but the one day that I forgot, I melted my favorite blanket. […]

I love our new fireplace

They wanted a fireplace in the living room when they still lived at home, so I think that they may be a little jealous that we got one after they left. My husband and I just got a new fireplace installed in our living room. I could not be happier with the results. We have […]

We bought a new furnace for Christmas

Nothing ruins the holidays like your furnace quitting. The Christmas season looked a little different to me and my husband this year. It was so nice to finally be able to afford gifts for our family and friends. We usually only get one gift per person, and they are usually budget gifts as well. We […]

I am pretty impressed with my new space heater

My husband and I fight over the temperature of our bedroom all the time, and it is hilarious. We have basically made the rule that whoever gets into bed first gets to determine the temperature of the room. I usually make it to bed first, so I make sure that the room is around seventy-five […]