My best friend fixed my furnace

I have the greatest friend in the world.

Katie, is my favorite person on earth. We have been friends since we were just five years old. I cannot believe how long we have known each other. I seriously cannot imagine life without my sweet friend. Katie is really good at solving problems and fixing things. I feel like I am exactly the opposite. I tend to create the problems that she solves. She actually fixed my furnace on an accident the other day. I really wish that I could say that I accidently fixed something. I have no idea what was wrong with my furnace, and neither does she. My furnace would turn off before my house got up to temperature all of the time. It was so annoying. Everytime that it turned off, I would have to go downstairs to the basement where the furnace was and restart the stupid thing. It was a pain to say the least. I would say that it probably shut off about three times per day. I did not have the money to have an HVAC company come over and fix my furnace, so I was just living with the problem. My best friend came over one day, and she asked me why it was so cold. I told her that the furnace was messed up. She went down and messed with it for a few minutes, and my furnace has not had any issues since. I cannot believe it. I am so thankful for cool friends like Katie who have a way with things that I just don’t have, and I probably won’t ever have.

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I melted my favorite blanket with my space heater

I am banning myself from using space heaters as punishment for not being careful

I am so upset with myself because I ruined my favorite blanket. You see, I had been so careful about setting my space heater near anything that could melt, but the one day that I forgot, I melted my favorite blanket. That blanket was about twenty years old. It was a wedding gift to me and my husband. It had our anniversary on it, and I cannot believe that I was silly enough to set my space heater close enough to that blanket to melt it. My husband does not get as attached to things as I do, so I knew that he would not be as upset when I told him about the blanket as I was when I saw what had happened. I walked into the living room that afternoon, and I smelled something weird. I could not figure out where the smell was coming from. I kept trying to follow my nose to the smell until I eventually found it. It was my melting blanket. I actually cried when I first figured out what had happened. My husband said that he is going to try his best to find the exact same blanket and have our anniversary stitched onto it just like the one that was melted. I am banning myself from using space heaters as punishment for not being careful. I don’t know how realistic that will be though because I get pretty cold in my living room during the evenings. I will probably end up using a space heater again just because of how cold it gets.



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I love my new fireplace

It is a beautiful gray stone mixed with a beautiful white wood

My husband is the sweetest man on earth. He knows me so well. I never even told him directly that I wanted a fireplace, but he knew that I did. We were at a friend’s house one evening, and I complimented their fireplace. I quickly mentioned how I wanted a fireplace in our home, but I never said anything about it after that. I cannot believe that my husband even heard me talking about the fireplace because he was having a totally different conversation with my friend’s husband. It was about three weeks before my birthday the night that we were at their house, so my husband started planning to get me a fireplace for my birthday. I had no idea about it of course. He did a great job of hiding it until the men showed up who were installing the fireplace in our living room. I didn’t know why they were there at first, so I told them that they had the wrong house. They were about to leave when my husband got home from work and told them that they were truly at the right house, and the fireplace was just a surprise for me. They had the fireplace installed within a few hours, and I was so excited. My husband did a great job picking out the fireplace because it was exactly what I wanted. He must know my style much better than I thought that he did. It is a beautiful gray stone mixed with a beautiful white wood. I absolutely love my new fireplace, and it was the best birthday present ever. I am going to have to start mentioning my wants more often.

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I bought an air conditioner for the upstairs of my house

I went that very same evening and bought an air conditioner for my upstairs.

I had trouble with the upstairs of my house being too warm for quite some time. It was probably a good five years or so that I lived in my house without having air conditioning upstairs. I didn’t do anything about it for so long because I literally only went upstairs at night to sleep. I would think about the fact that it was super hot upstairs at night, but I would forget about it by the next morning. I have some memory loss issues, so I wonder if that had to do with it. I just couldn’t seem to remember that I wanted to buy an air conditioner during the day. One afternoon at work, someone mentioned that they had been wanting to buy an air conditioner for their house, and it reminded me that I had been wanting to get an air conditioner for my upstairs. I knew that I had to write it down on my to-do list right then or I would forget about it before I was done with work. I went that very same evening and bought an air conditioner for my upstairs. It is so nice to go upstairs to a nice air conditioned space. I used to have trouble sleeping because I was so warm, so I am super thankful to not have to worry about being too warm anymore. I am so glad that my coworker mentioned how they wanted to get an air conditioner because I probably still would not have an air conditioner if they had not mentioned that.


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I bought a nice heater for my front porch

I had been debating for years whether or not to enclose my porch before I actually decided to go ahead and do it.

I started the process last summer, and the reason that I say it was a process was because I decided to do it all myself. I did not want to have to pay the money to have professionals come out and do it. It took me about four months to complete the process, but I am glad that I decided to enclose my porch on my own rather than hiring it done. I learned so much from that experience. By the time that I got the porch enclosed, it was cold outside. I was super bummed about that because I thought that I would not be able to enjoy my newly enclosed porch. I decided to look into getting a heater for the porch to make it possible for me to enjoy it even during the colder months. I found a few different heaters, but I ended up going with a small propane heater. I was not sure if it would put off enough heat to keep the porch warm, but I was definitely surprised by the fact that it did. The porch gets so warm sometimes that I have to turn the propane heater off. I am so glad that I went with propane instead of using electricity. I did not know it at the time, but using propane is much cheaper than using electricity. I love my little propane heater, and I am so thankful that I have a warm enclosed porch to enjoy even during the cold and dreary winter months.

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My house is so much warmer now that my husband got our fireplace working

I love the coloring of it now.

My husband and I moved into the house that we are living in now about four years ago. The thing that attracted us the most to this house was the fact that it came with a lot of property. My husband loves to farm, and he wanted as much room as possible to do that. We also wanted to be able to supply ourselves with our own firewood off of our land instead of having to buy it from someone else. We did not realize that the fireplace in the house did not work well. My husband said that he thought the chimney just needed to be cleaned out, but it turns out that there were some other issues with the old fireplace. We could not afford to get it fixed up the way we wanted when we moved into the house, so we decided to wait on it and save money to be able to fix it up nicely in the future. Well, we kind of just put it off for about three and a half years. We finally decided this fall that we wanted to fix up our fireplace. We hired a friend to come over and help us fix our fireplace. It turned out very nicely. I love the coloring of it now. It makes our house super cozy as well. I cannot believe how much warmer the house is now that we have the fireplace working. I actually had to turn our furnace off completely the other day because it was so warm from the fireplace.

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We bought a new furnace for Christmas

Nothing ruins the holidays like your furnace quitting. The Christmas season looked a little different to me and my husband this year. It was so nice to finally be able to afford gifts for our family and friends. We usually only get one gift per person, and they are usually budget gifts as well. We saved up all year long in order to get more gifts this year and nicer gifts. Unfortunately, that did not happen this year either. It was November thirtieth when it all took place. Our family was leaving that stayed with us for Thanksgiving, and we were getting ready to take a long nap after those crazy couple of days. We noticed the house was a little chillier than usual, so we thought that maybe one of our family members had turned the heat down because there were so many people in the house, and it was quite warm. We checked the thermostat, and the heat was set to seventy degrees just like usual. The temperature of the house was only sixty degrees though. We checked to make sure that none of the windows or doors were open. We could not find and reason why the house would be so cool. My husband decided to go check the furnace in the basement. He found that it was completely off, and he could not get it to tun on again. It got colder and colder as the day went on. We called an HVAC company, and they came over within just a few hours. Our furnace had died, and we had to buy a new one. It took all of the money that we had saved up for gifts. It was quite a bummer, but least, we have heat now.

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I love our new fireplace

They wanted a fireplace in the living room when they still lived at home, so I think that they may be a little jealous that we got one after they left.

My husband and I just got a new fireplace installed in our living room. I could not be happier with the results. We have both wanted a fireplace in there for years now. When we first moved into our house, we did some remodeling. We planned to install the fireplace then, but things did not work out the way that we planned, and adding a fireplace was not in the budget at that time. I am super glad that we were able to finally get one installed though. Better late than never is what I always say. It is really a beautiful fireplace. I have never seen one quite like ours before. The stonework around the fireplace and the mantle is very unique, and I really like that. It gives our house some need character. We live in a subdivision, which is nice, but most of the houses in our neighborhood look alike, so to have something like our fireplace to set our house apart is really nice. My husband loves it as well. He says that even though he picked it out, it turned out way better than he had ever planned for it to. I can’t wait for our kids to come home for the holidays so that I can show off our new fireplace. They wanted a fireplace in the living room when they still lived at home, so I think that they may be a little jealous that we got one after they left. It is truly a fireplace to be jealous of for sure. I can’t wait to roast marshmallows over the flames like I used to do ever Christmas when I was a child. The holidays can’t come fast enough.

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The air conditioner in my vehicle works great now

I have had car trouble for the last year, and it has been quite annoying to deal with. My boyfriend does not know a lot about mechanics, so he has tried his best to find people that will help me fix my car for a good price. I really appreciate how much work he has done to help me get my car fixed. I had to get the transmission replaced about three months ago, and before that, I had to replace two of my tires. Last week, I noticed that my air conditioner was not working well in my car. I called my boyfriend, and he could not believe that something else was going wrong with my car. At first, he said that we should just sell the car, but then his buddy that was with him offered to take a look at the car for free. He was able to find a leak in an air conditioning line, and he said that he would replace it for free if I would buy the new line. I found a good deal on a new AC line, and he put it in for me. I cannot believe the difference it made in my air conditioning. I realize now that the line must have been leaking for quite some time, and I just did not notice it. I cannot believe how cold the air blows now. I freeze myself when I am in my car, and it is so nice. My boyfriend is pretty impressed with how cold the air is now as well. Now that the air conditioner is fixed, I really hope that nothing else goes wrong with my car.

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My rabbit chewed the cord to my air conditioner

I love rabbits so much.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not have at least one rabbit.

My sister and I used to raise rabbits when we were little. We did not raise them for money or anything like that. We simply did it for fun. We started with just one rabbit, but then we bought a second, and they had babies. We just kept growing our rabbit family from then on. It was truly a blast. We let them wander the neighborhood, and our neighbors loved it. It was so fun to look out the window and see a rabbit in your yard that was black, white, gray, or spotted. They started mating with wild rabbits as well, so our neighborhood was definitely populated with rabbits. When I moved out of the house and got married, I still wanted rabbits of my own, so I begged my landlord to let me have just one rabbit, and he gave in. I have one rabbit named squeakers, and he is so naughty. I found him chewing the cord to my air conditioner yesterday. I know that rabbits love cords, but he had never chewed a cord before. I leave him in the living room all of the time because he is house trained, and his potty box is in a little closet in the living room. He looked so guilty when I caught him chewing that AC cord. It was sort of cute, but I was upset because he basically chewed through the whole cord which means I do not have an air conditioner anymore. My husband said that he should be able to fix it when he gets home today. I hope so because it is really hot in this house without any air conditioning.

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We finally got our air conditioner fixed

It is so hot this year! I have lived in the same area my entire life, and I cannot remember one summer that was as hot as this summer is.

My husband also grew up in this area, and he agrees with me that he has never experienced a warmer summer.

Both of us work outside most of the day, so we love to come home to a nice cool house. Unfortunately, that has not been happening lately because our air conditioner has been having some issues. We called an HVAC company about a month ago and told them about our situation. We asked how much it would cost for them to assess the problem. We got a quote, and it was pretty high. We decided to wait it out and see if my husband could figure out the problem himself. He was able to figure out the problem, but he said that he did not feel comfortable fixing it himself. He thought that he might possibly make it worse. He found a coolant leak, and he said that he could try to fix it, but he would prefer to have an HVAC technician do it. After a month of waiting, we finally had an HVAC technician come out and fix our air conditioner. It was very expensive, but we are glad to finally have an air conditioner once again. It is so nice to come home to a cool house after a long day of working outside. My husband and I have noticed that we argue less now that we are not sweaty and miserable in our house all of the time. I am so thankful to have air conditioning.


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