Party goers causing a stink at hosts home

Back in June, my friend decided that she was going to have a few friends over for dinner and to play games. She had just moved in to her new beachside apartment and wanted to celebrate this new chapter in her life. Kasey had a roommate, Taylor, and they seemed to get along very well. The two girls had a great life together and they seemed to mesh well on every level. They had all of the same friends and even worked together. They invited a few friends over for a party, but a few of the guests brought a friend over. This was not ideal in terms of the intimate ideal the girls had for the party. They looked past it and thought “the more, the merrier”! The girls were in for an unpleasant surprise. One of the guests decided that the house was too warm and adjusted the thermostat to 69 degrees! The girls did not notice the change in their thermostat until the following day, and it was already too late. The A/C system had frozen and they were no longer able to cool their house in the middle of the summer. Kasey immediately contacted the landlord. The roommates A/C was out for an entire week, and the landlord had them pay for the HVAC repairs. The landlord stated that the tenets were responsible for replacing the A/C filters monthly. Kasey was furious that a stranger would come into their home and cause such a mishap!

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My Grandma’s Hot House

When everyone was gone, my dad put the temperature back up to her usual 85 degrees

If you have an older relative, you know that the older they get, the colder they are no matter the temperature outside. My granny has been living on her own for many years. As the years go by, her house seems to get warmer and warmer. She refuses to wear more clothing when the seasons change, and enjoys keeping her house hot. This is not an issue for her, but when she has visitors someone always has something to say! My dad will visit her often and bothers her about the thermostat. She gets angry when someone comments on how warm the house is. She says that it is her house, and she can keep it whatever temperature she wants. One year, we decided to bring the entire family over on Christmas day so that she didn’t have to leave the house. When we got there, the internal temperature of the house was in the 90’s! My dad turned the thermostat down to an appropriate temperature and did not tell her. She did not realize that the thermostat had been adjusted with so many people inside to house. When everyone was gone, my dad put the temperature back up to her usual 85 degrees. She called us later that day to tell us how happy she was that everyone came over to visit on Christmas day. Granny will always keep her house warm and that is just something that her visitors needs to be aware of when they get there!

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Date to the movie theater- make sure to remember a sweater

Going out to the movie theater is always an interesting experience.

A typical theater sells overpriced popcorn and soda.

This can be a fun thing to do on a weekend. Some theaters have stepped it up a notch and even sell beer and wine for adults to enjoy their cinematic experience even further! A typical movie date for two people will cost around $50. I enjoy getting there early to pick out the best seats and watch the previews for upcoming movies. One thing I always do when I go to the movies is bring an extra sweater. Movie theaters are notoriously cold. The theater always turn the air conditioning temperature down low to ensure comfort for paying customers. I also think that the air conditioning is so low so that people will not fall asleep during the film. I remember being a child and going to the movies and having to go outside in the middle of the film to warm up because it would be so cold inside! If the AC were to fail during a film, the theater may become stuffy and uncomfortable for viewers. I recommend to bring a sweater or a light blanket to the theater next time you go. I have a friend who works at the movie theater in my city and said that the employees do not have access to the thermostat, so they would not be able to adjust it if you do not bring a sweater!


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Career as an HVAC technician

When Kyle got out of highschool, many of his friends were off to college to get a degree.

Kyle’s family always told him to think outside of the box.

When he looked into the classic college plan, he was not interested. He wondered how many people went to college and actually really knew what their career interests were. He had heard that not many people actually use their degrees post-graduation, anyway. His father helped him look into different trade schools that he might be interested in. Although he was not fully amused with the idea of HVAC school, he decided to give it a shot. The training was about 2 years long and he would have a job with a local HVAC company at the end of it all. He also knew a few people in the field and had heard that the job paid well. Kyle signed up for HVAC technician school shortly after he graduated highschool. He was pleased to find out that he even had a few friends training by his side for HVAC technician school. Kyle was very good at HVAC repairs and thought about opening his own HVAC company in a few years. He finished his HVAC training and quickly found his way to the field. He is great with people and a friendly coworker and friend to others. After a few years of HVAC work, he decided to put his career on hold to travel with his family. He thinks that HVAC repair work is rewarding and can open many doors to new career opportunities.

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Collapsed air duct noises behind my wall

There’s nothing worse than when you hear a noise that your ears don’t like.

Lately I have been coming home and hearing a very strange noise.

It is usually right after I turn on my HVAC unit in the house. I have tried to follow the noise and figure it out. I have been unable to figure it out on my own. So I had to call my local HVAC company because I thought it was coming from the HVAC system. That would explain why it would start as soon as I turned on the HVAC unit. When the HVAC professional came to my home he checked all of the parts within the HVAC system installed. He noticed that there was nothing wrong with the unit itself. The real noise was coming from behind my walls. This meant that the noise was coming from the air ducts sitting behind my walls. The air ducts are what helps to transport the air from the HVAC unit to my house. It seemed as if there was a collapse air duct behind my wall. It must have been rubbing up against the wall or the other air ducts inside near it. So the HVAC professional would have to put a giant hole in the wall to fix the collapsed air duct. I allowed him to do this but I was also going to need somebody to patch the hole and repaint my wall. It was a big pain in my eyes. So if you can avoid having air docks installed into your home I would. You would never want this to happen to you because it cost a lot of money and time.

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Keeping the air ducts clean

I am someone who hates to have a dirty home.

I also hate going to my friends homes and them being very dirty. It is just a giant pet peeve of mine. This is why I get my air ducts cleaned twice per year. The air ducts it behind my walls and collect dust. The more that the air ducts collect us the more dust that enters my home. If the air ducts collect dust the air blows that dust into my home. The HVAC system starts to turn onto the preferred setting that I turn it too. Once it turns on the air begins to go through the air ducts. The air enters my home through the air vents. When it enters my home through the air vents it brings the dust sitting in the air dogs along with it. This would make my home a lot more dirty. Therefore I would have to clean my home a lot more as well. I hate when I can see dust sitting on counter tops. It makes a home look very dirty and not so clean. So I think it is very important to keep your air ducts as clean as possible. If you feel the need to get your air ducts cleaned soon you can contact your local HVAC company. They will clean your air ducts for a good price. I know you won’t regret it because your home will feel a lot cleaner than it did before. I think it is amazing how much your air ducts can affect the cleanliness of your home.


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A life of luxury with heating and air conditioning

I have never been able to live in a life of luxury.

However my cousins seem to have it really made for them. They live in a really nice modern home. They also have 3 kids and can enjoy all the Finer Things in life. I wish I could be just like them too. Fortunately for me I get to spend a lot of time at their home. I am almost like another daughter to my cousin. They even have a really nice heating and cooling system. At home I do not have air conditioning. I only have heating. So I like to enjoy my summers at my cousin’s house. They always have a really nice air conditioning system. I feel cool in their house no matter where I go. In the winter there heating system is very nice too. They have the heat turned on but also have a fireplace. They turn the fireplace on if the heating system feels like it’s not enough. This is what helps them to heat the house and feel more comfortable in their home. The fireplace even adds a special Ambiance to the room. I wish I could have the same type of HVAC system installed into my home as they do in their home. Maybe one day I will be able to afford a nice home with both heating and air conditioning. It is hard to imagine all life like that. When I grow up I may even have to finance and pay each month just so I can afford to live a life like that.


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Switching to a ductless mini split system

Sometimes I am really good at making decisions.

I am not always great at making decisions for myself. However recently I made a very good decision for me and my home. We used to have central air conditioning. Now we have a ductless mini-split system. I also installed some control Heating and Cooling with our new HVAC system. The central air conditioning system make sure that the entire house is the exact same temperature. The air is distributed through air ducts installed into your home behind the walls. The ductless mini-split system does not require air ducts behind the walls. This system is used mostly through wiring. The Zone control allows me to heat or cool different rooms two different temperatures. If I love the kitchen to be cooler than the bathroom I can make this happen with some control Heating and Cooling. I really enjoy this system because it helps me to save money on my energy bills each and every month. Switching from central air conditioning and heating to this system has made me much happier. I feel that it is much easier to control the temperature in my home. It also save me a lot of money. It also saves my HVAC system a lot of wear and tear. Because of this new system it does not have to work as hard as it was with central air. If you are considering switching like I did I would highly recommend it. Just call your local HVAC company today to inquire more about this new system for your home.


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Flipping houses and ensuring that new HVAC systems are installed

Lately, it seems as if there have been a lot of people selling their homes.

I have even seen a lot of people flipping houses and redoing them completely.

They turn out looking so nice too! I can only imagine the kind of work that goes into something like that. I was talking to my next door neighbor about the whole thing. He is flipping the house across the street from us actually. He told me that he puts a lot of the money into a brand new HVAC system. He told me that is one of the most important things in a new home. Everyone wants to know that they are going to always feel comfortable. You also get more in return from the house if you replace it. Many people want the house to look nice but they need that single most important factor from it. He does not install the HVAC systems by himself though. He calls an HVAC professional to come and install these HVAC systems into the homes that he flips. He does not want to mess anything up with that. He would rather not be responsible because he would not be able to fix it. It is a rather small cost at that point to call an HVAC professional instead. The new HVAC systems they put into these houses are probably a lot nicer than mine that I currently have even. I would love to buy the house across the street now. It really is all about how well the HVAC system can keep the house as comfortable as possible.


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Surprising my mom with an air conditioning system

My mom has always been my favorite person in the world.

I have always wanted to give back to her the best that I could one day.

Last year, I started saving all of the money that I had. I started to save to be able to afford installing an air conditioner into her home. She is getting fairly old now and I want to make sure that she is comfortable all year round. I wouldn’t want her to have to deal with the heat of the summer. The air conditioner will help her to stay feeling really cool. I would have to call the HVAC business down the street first to set up a time. I’ll probably take her to dinner and by the time we got back they would be done installing the air conditioner. The, it would be a total surprise. All I would have to do is call the HVAC professional and schedule an appointment. I would have to tell them that it is not for my house but rather a gift for my mom. I had hoped for a discount at that point. All I had to do was tell them which type of system I would be interested in. The brought each size with them since they would not be able to measure the house before the installation process. It was very kind of them. I know my mom is going to love the thermostat and the remote that will go along with it. Her life will be much better with air conditioning for sure.

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Ensuring my house is clean during the spring and fall seasons

I always know that spring is here for one reason mostly.

I know that it is here because I am dealing with large amounts of pollen in the air. I start sneezing like crazy. Being outside makes me realize how happy I am that I have a really nice and clean home. If i didn’t my allergies would be just as bad on the inside of my house. I make sure to keep it clean with two main ways. Firstly, I get the air ducts cleaned regularly. I need them to be cleaned from the dust that accumulates within them. The air that comes out of those vents sometimes pushes the dust along with it. Then, I breathe it in and it is not good for me. I also make sure to change the air filters regularly. Sometimes the dust can make its way through the filter if it is clogged enough. I wouldn’t want that blowing into my house for me to breathe. The best thing I can do is call a professional to make sure my HVAC system is clean especially in the spring and fall time. This is when my allergies are the absolute worst. I might also consider an air purifier to keep the air extra clean. I would want to eliminate all of those extra allergens that get into my house through the doors or the windows. I am so lucky to have a home and an HVAC system to help me to keep my own space as clean as possible. I wouldn’t make it if I had to live outside all of the time.

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