Ensuring my house is clean during the spring and fall seasons

I always know that spring is here for one reason mostly.

I know that it is here because I am dealing with large amounts of pollen in the air. I start sneezing like crazy. Being outside makes me realize how happy I am that I have a really nice and clean home. If i didn’t my allergies would be just as bad on the inside of my house. I make sure to keep it clean with two main ways. Firstly, I get the air ducts cleaned regularly. I need them to be cleaned from the dust that accumulates within them. The air that comes out of those vents sometimes pushes the dust along with it. Then, I breathe it in and it is not good for me. I also make sure to change the air filters regularly. Sometimes the dust can make its way through the filter if it is clogged enough. I wouldn’t want that blowing into my house for me to breathe. The best thing I can do is call a professional to make sure my HVAC system is clean especially in the spring and fall time. This is when my allergies are the absolute worst. I might also consider an air purifier to keep the air extra clean. I would want to eliminate all of those extra allergens that get into my house through the doors or the windows. I am so lucky to have a home and an HVAC system to help me to keep my own space as clean as possible. I wouldn’t make it if I had to live outside all of the time.

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