I love my new fireplace

She must know my style much better than I thought that she did.

My hubby is the sweetest man on earth, but she knows me so well. I never even told him directly that I wanted a fireplace, but she knew that I did. We were at a friend’s dwelling one night, and I complimented their fireplace. I abruptly mentioned how I wanted a fireplace in our home, but I never said anything about it after that. I cannot believe that my hubby even heard me talking about the fireplace because she was having a totally weird conversation with my friend’s hubby. It was about three weeks before my birthday the night that my pal and I were at their house, so my hubby started planning to get me a fireplace for my birthday. I had no idea about it of course. She did a great job of hiding it until the gentlemen showed up who were installing the fireplace in our home office. I didn’t know why they were there at first, so I told them that they had the wrong house. They were about to leave when my hubby got apartment from toil and told them that they were actually at the right house, and the fireplace was just a surprise for me. They had the fireplace installed within a few hours, and I was so excited. My hubby did a great job picking out the fireplace because it was exactly what I wanted. She must know my style much better than I thought that she did. It is a beautiful gray tile mixed with a beautiful white wood. I absolutely love my new fireplace, and it was the best birthday present ever. I am going to have to start mentioning my wants more often.

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