Called me crazy when I wanted to purify my air

It’s funny how people who are prepared are often labeled as crazy.

Whenever I’m watching Doomsday Preppers, I understand that the people seemed sort of insane…

But maybe they’re really the smartest of us all. At least, this has been my experience when it comes to worrying about indoor air quality and purification. For the past 20 years or so I’ve been quite concerned about managing my indoor air quality because I realized how many nasty airborne contaminants were flowing through my house each day. I lived in a metropolitan area and I would often see all of the dirt and grime that fell out of our outdoor breathing air. I didn’t want any of that nasty toxicity coming into my home, so I began investing in high quality air management devices. At the time, people thought that I was a little bit wild for installing an air purification system that worked in tandem with my central heating and cooling system. They thought that it was going overboard when I tried to remove airborne contaminants such as mold, mildew, and harmful chemicals. When HEPA air filters were available on the residential HVAC market, people acted like I was completely in the wrong for upgrading my air filters to effectively remove over 99% of unwanted airborne toxins. Well, look where we are now. People are suddenly scrambling to install air purification systems just like the one that I’ve been operating for over 20 years. Suddenly, HEPA air filters are a completely normal way to manage your indoor air quality. I guess I was ahead of the times, or I was just so crazy that I created a global pandemic.

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